May 19, 2011
TED Talks by ecologists

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a TED talk, so I am going to share a few with you folks

Marcel Dicke is a chemical ecologist that studies the cues insects use to interact with each other, their food, and their hosts.  I have read so much by him I could not recommend watching this more.  If you have journal access read his foundational review, “Ecology of Infochemical Use by Natural Enemies in a Tritrophic Context,” that has been cited over 900 times.  If you don’t have journal access, I would email him.  Most folks are pleased to send a copy of their work to an interested party.

Bonnie Bassler is a molecular biologist by training, but what she discovered, bacterial communication which she termed, quorum sensing, sure seems to fall under the auspices of what I do here.  I was lucky enough to catch her speaking on the same topic at Lafayette College in Easton, PA during senior year of undergrad.

Edward O. Wilson is one of the giants in entomology.  From his early work on Island biogeography (1,2)(Note 2nd link is to a Daniel Simberloff paper who has also worked extensively upon such)  with the late Robert Macarthur, sociobiology, to his chemical ecology work and taxonomy with ants, to his numerous Pulitzer prize winning books, to New Yorker publications.  This man has done it all.  An incredible advocate for biodiversity.  If you watch only one of these, watch this one.

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